Our Team

Research in our laboratory requires the contributions from a diverse group of
disciplines that include genetics, neuroscience and biostatistics. Trainees on our team will reflect this model and use it to develop interdisciplinary approaches to investigate the role of epigenetics in mental health and disease.

Reid S. Alisch, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator

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Univ. of Washington, B.A., Chemistry
Univ. of Michigan, M.S., Human Genetics
Univ. of Michigan, Ph.D., Human Genetics

Emory University, Fellow, Human Genetics


Ligia A. Papale, Ph.D.
Post-doctoral Fe
llow papale@wisc.edu    
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Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, B.S., Biology

Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo/Emory University, Ph.D., Neuroscience





Sisi Li

Graduate student, sli37@wisc.edu

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, B.S., Molecular and Cellular Biology, Psychology





Andy Madrid

NTP Graduate student, andyamadrid@gmail.com

San Francisco State University, B.S., Genetics and Biology






Alexander Haupt

Research Associate, akhaupt@wisc.edu

University of Wisconsin, B.S., Psychology and Neurobiology






Natalie Asmus

Research Assistant, nasmus07@gmail.com





Not pictured:

Michael Donohue

Conte summer research student, mjdonohue@wisc.edu

University of Wisconsin, B.S., Psychology



Past Members

Research Specialists

Andrew White: 1/2012 — 8/2013

Ryan Brown: 8/2012 — 7/2013

Andrew Winter: 7/2013 — 7/2014



Rachel Babiarz: Spring 2014

Derek Benidt: Spring 2014

Andrea Hatch: Summer 2012

Angela DeVillars: 12/2012 — 7/2013